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affLIFT Traffic Methods

One of the key ingredients to a successful campaign is a good traffic source. Another important one is the method used with your traffic source. affLIFT knows this and makes sure they cater to as many people as possible. All major affiliate marketing traffic sources have their own dedicated section on affLIFT.

Many people struggling to make decisions when starting out, with the vast amount of information, affLIFT makes it easier and gives you all the key details that you need. Although many different traffic sources and methods are discussed, the most popular ones on affLIFT currently at PPV, Search Traffic (PPC) and Social Media.



PPV Traffic

PPV has been an amazing traffic source for affiliates for years, it became popular due to the low cost per view (pay per view). The main type of traffic for PPV is pop-up and pop-unders which are generated from adware (not to be confused with spyware or malware). PPV is also very newbie friendly and easy to learn and also very relaxed on their restrictions.

Most forums will discuss the main larger PPV companies such as Propel Media or RTX Platform (formally 50onred). affLIFT of course has information on these, plus many more smaller companies that people overlook such as:

  • PropellerAds
  • ZeroPark
  • TONIC.
  • SelfAdvertiser
  • PopAds
  • PopCash


Search Marketing (PPC)

PPC traffic goes way back, this was the largest traffic source many years ago and affiliates flocked to it. Many affiliates have moved away from PPC in favor of other traffic sources. This is actually a good thing for new affiliates as the cost has gone down and it’s still as effective. affLIFT has lots of information on PPC, with a focus on Bing Ads which has become a very popular PPC traffic source due to the cheap costs along with the relaxed policies.

Social Media

Facebook is a giant traffic source. Unfortunately it can be difficult to figure out and turn a profit. affLIFT has amazing information on how to make money by using Facebook ads (and other social media platforms as well).