affLIFT Review

Affiliate marketing can be hard! Although there are small barriers of entry so to speak, people still struggle starting out and thanks ok! All you need is a little advantage over everyone else that is starting out. This is where affLIFT comes in!

affLIFT is an affiliate marketing forum that is dedicated to helping people learn affiliate marketing and make money. This isn’t just any affiliate marketing forum, this is a large community with experts of the industry who have mastered making money.


The brain behind affLIFT is none other than Luke Kling, otherwise known as lukepeerfly or Luke from Peerfly. Luke is very well known and respected in the affiliate marketing industry. He works with Peerfly and has been known for his great ideas, entrepreneur mindset, tools and his willingness to share and help others.

Here is some of the awesome things that you will find inside this exclusive forum:

  • Affiliate Marketing Guides – Awesome up to date guides for many different traffic sources and techniques.
  • Case Studies – Amazing recent case studies showing the methodology for creating successful campaigns.
  • Follow Alongs – Watch as some fellow members launch their campaigns and the process that they follow.
  • Landing Page Examples – This is one of the key secrets of the industry, a landing page can make or break a campaign, check out proven landing pages that convert.
  • Tracking Help – Setting up tracking can be very intimidating and challenging, make it easy!
  • Campaign Optimization – ok, you have a working campaign, time to make it more profitable and increase the ROI!

The other amazing thing is they cover every traffic method, every single one, it doesn’t matter if your into free traffic, paid traffic or anything in between, affLIFT has you covered! In addition to this, they have representatives from many major traffic sources on the forum that are there to provide you support and help.

The other amazing thing that you will not find on any other affiliate marketing forum, affLIFT has 24/7 live chat! If you have a problem, just ask and get an answer! 24/7!

affLIFT might be fairly “new”, but the people behind affLIFT have years of experience in affiliate marketing, I think Luke’s credentials speak for themselves. In addition to this, the forum already has over 5000 threads and over 4500 active members. That’s huge!

Check out this awesome video that shows a tour of affLIFT, see what all the hype is about!

Now, how do you get into this awesome exclusive community? To weed out the people who don’t take action, affLIFT has set a very modest and low price to join their amazing community. For only $20 a month you can get access to all the knowledge and tools you will need to succeed in affiliate marketing (that’s less than $1 a day!). The price can further be reduced with monthly, yearly and even a (limited time offer) lifetime membership.